2011 Buffalo Chip Poster Model Crowned

The Legendary Buffalo Chip brings you another beautiful reason to visit their world-class party during Sturgis this summer. Featured this year, once again, is Holli! Check out these photos and article from the Buffalo Chip.

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Here’s the account of how the contest went down. Check out more pictures from the finals here.

After a record setting number of contestants, this year’s 2011 Buffalo Chip Corona Poster Model has been crowned. Last year’s winner, Holli wasn’t about to give up her crown as she shocked and awed the competition yet again as she brought home her second consecutive title Saturday June 4 at Teddy’s in Rapid City.

Quickly becoming one of the most notable and popular pre-Sturgis Motorcycle Rally events in the area, the contest conveyed a finalist group consisting of twelve of the surrounding areas’ most stunningly beautiful and personable girls that the contest has ever seen.

With some new contestants and some returning with a vengeance, it seemed that the stakes were higher than ever. The girls were judged in three categories; bikini, lingerie, and biker wear. Dressed with looks that kill, the women took to the stage enjoying an ice cold Corona to answer questions that not only showed their quick wit but also how they could handle themselves with a microphone in front of the crowd, and they did very well.

Although they were in steep competition, the girls seemed to have a lot of fun throughout the night with smiles, laughter, and an occasional spanking out on the dance floor in between sessions.

“I have had lots of fun running around half naked drinking Corona,” said Alex, a super-cute contestant from Spearfish. “This has been very exciting and is definitely a different experience. My dreams to be a professional cheerleader and dancer made me sign up to do this. ”

Reasons for entering the competition always vary. Kristin, the tall, dark, gorgeous brunette from Gillette, WY said, “I am an aspiring model and am moving to New York to model and figured this would be a good way to get my name out there. It was definitely a spur of the moment.”

As the night neared its end the judges had their work cut out for them. The lovely ladies had spotlighted their wild personalities, hypnotizing moves, and sensual bodies and a lone winner was no easy decision. When the votes were cast it was nail-biting close, three contestants were separated by one vote each. And then they announced the winner, Holli.

“It was nerve wracking, I’m so excited and you can only do this for two years. I’m glad to be back,” said the naturally blonde, blue-eyed vixen and mother of two. “Last year I didn’t know what I was signing up for. This year I wanted to do it bigger, better, and stronger. It was a big competition and we had a blast, it was so much fun,” she added.

Holli will be The Legendary Buffalo Chip Poster Model along with billboard stardom and will receive an appearance fee for autograph sessions around the Black Hills prior to the Sturgis Rally. She will also work daily during Bike Week at the Chip receiving an hourly wage plus all of those generous tips that bikers give. Not to mention a pass to all of the Buffalo Chips headliner concerts throughout the week.