21st Century Helmets and Features

At K and G Cycles, we like to seek the innovative, the cutting edge, the movers and shakers. AVE Products, founded in 2011 has raised the bar in the world of motorcycling. They offer an extensive array of accessories and products with versatility from Helmets to Rain Gear and more.

AVE bluetooth blackI want to focus on their helmets which we recently added to our extensive line up of parts and accessories. As previously stated AVE is setting the bar by offering helmets already out fitted with integrated Bluetooth communications devices. Let’s take a look at the system capabilities:

Bluetooth System:

  • Pairing Two Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headsets
  • Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset pairs with a mobile phone
  • Stereo music play control and Volume Control
  • GPS navigator operation
  • FM radio operation
  • 10 hours talk time
  • 130 hours standby
  • Incoming phone call overrides intercom, music, and navigation audio
  • Support 200 meters max range rider-to-rider intercom
  • Support the last number redial
  • Lithium-polymer battery with a power charge

AVE bluetooth Atom-GreenIn addition to the advanced Bluetooth set up, these helmets feature the most up to date production and safety technologies. See for yourself.

Weight:  1.6 Kg or 3.52 Lb.

Material: Thermoplastic High Impact resistant Helmet.

Ventilation: Proactive and Dynamic Ventilation system.

Frontal superior, Frontal inferior and Rear ventilation.

Visor: UV Protection system with double visor.

Polycarbonate visor anti-scratch and anti-fog.

Replaceable outer visor.

Integrated Solar Visor.

Interior: Microfiber and Polyester inner fabric.

Fully removable and washable.

Retention system: Double ring with reinforced strip.

Certificate: Helmets are in compliance with FMVSS218 (DOT), ECE 22.05.

With a mission “to meet the needs of our customers, offering a unique and unforgettable experience when purchasing an AVE product.” you can rest assured you are getting one of the best helmets available chock full of the features you want and expect. The line up features modular and 3/4 face versions in many different colors.

When you are ready for your next helmet, contact K and G Cycles and pick up an AVE Helmet. You’ll be glad you did .