3 Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Motorcycle’s Performance

For any motorcycle enthusiast, performance is key. Buying a bike off the line can give you incredible power and performance, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

Many riders choose to equip their bikes with aftermarket motorcycle parts to get even more out of their machines. While some parts might be more expensive than others (BMW versus Victory aftermarket motorcycle parts, for instance), there are inexpensive ways to use aftermarket parts to your advantage.

Air Filter

The best way to increase performance without breaking the bank is to upgrade your air filter. Granted, you should be monitoring your air filter and replacing it as needed anyway, but there are added benefits to replacing your old one. First and foremost, you increase air flow efficiency, which means more oxygen can enter the engine, thus improving engine performance. Secondly, you can improve filtration and ensure that stuff that shouldn’t be in your engine doesn’t get in there in the first place. The better air filter you buy, the more performance you’ll get out of your bike as per the tips shared by this kawasaki dealer.


Even though most people think of performance as power, it actually refers to every aspect of the bike, including the brakes. Motorcycle brakes function like other braking systems, and so with few upgrades, you can enhance your stopping power. Primarily, you can replace your pads with a set that complements your brake discs. Even if your pads aren’t worn out just yet, you can always upgrade to higher performance ones. Brakes on a heavily ridden streetbike can get up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, while pads and discs on racebikes could exceed 600 degrees, so you’ll want to get high-quality parts. You can also swap out your factory brake lines with braided stainless steel lines, which will give you more control over the system.


Depending on the style of your bike and what you’re looking to get out of it, there are a few benefits to installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Besides performance, a new exhaust can improve the look of your bike (or make it more to your liking), as well as change the sound, whether you like a throaty roar or a high-tuned zip. They can also increase your bike’s performance by lowering the weight and increasing exhaust flow, both of which will add some extra horsepower and performance.

Even with these modifications, you should always ensure your parts are a right fit for your bike. If you have a Victory Gunner, then you should look at Victory aftermarket motorcycle parts. A Harley Davidson Street Rod should use Harley aftermarket parts. Bad fitting parts will only decrease your bike’s performance.

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