$50 Still goes a long way for Motorcycle Accessories

With budgets tight and our list of people we will give gifts to growing, it is time to look for some great gifts for the rider in your life. You can still get a lot for their bike with $50. Sometimes subtlety is the best approach and I plan on showing you some great ways K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has for you to add a custom look without taking it over the top.

We all know Chrome is King when it comes to your motorcycle and sometimes it takes just a little bit to get the perfect look. Sit back and get your Credit Card ready because without a doubt, you ware going to want some of the items I am about to show you!

BBP-52-611   Coming in at $40.46 is a great addition to any Gold Wing out there, (#1 Part#BBP-52-611) Chrome Trunk Molding Inserts will add a distinguished look to your bike. These chromed ABS molding inserts replace the dull OEM inserts. For your convenience, there is no additional hardware needed as the inserts use your existing OEM screws for easy installation. How’s that for user friendly – inexpensive and very low on the difficulty scale. #2 in the photo is Part#BBP-52-612, the Chrome Saddlebag Molding inserts. At $53.42, good looks are still affordable and easy to install. Just like the Trunk insets. you reuse the hardware that holds the old ones on and you are back on the road looking better than ever.

fuel-door-accent-BBP-52-629     Up next we add a little flash to the mouth of the beast. This Chrome Fuel Door Accent (Part#BBP-52-629) is made of stamped steel then bathed in chrome so deep you will wonder where the bottom is. Installation is so simple it is only 3 steps long. 1) Clean the surface thoroughly, removing any waxes , and let dry. 2) Peel the backing off the double sided tape. 3) Align the trim piece and press firmly into place, making sure all of the adhesive has taken hold and release. That’s it! With a price tag of $24.95 you have added some sweet looks and still have money left over.

radio-chrome-BBP-52-696_BBP    Now I know you are thinking, “Well that is probably it. There isn’t a whole lot of stuff around $50.” While you sit back and shake your head, I will continue. How about we turn our attention to the Radio area and discover just what we can do here to make it pop! We find that magic number again – $40.46 – this time attached to a Radio Panel Accent cover ( #1 in the photo). Bathed in the same silky chrome as the other pieces, this one contrasts the black radio controls nicely (Reference Part#BBP-52-696 in our online catalog). Hang on, we aren’t done yet, we need to finish off that radio. Let’s add some Chrome Radio knobs, #2 in the picture, to complete the look. Part#BBP-52-709 really turns up the wow factor on your ride. Replacing the stock knobs is as easy as blinking. All you have to do is pull the knobs, switch the OEM clips, and push on the new ones. Couldn’t get much easier. Best of all you the replacement knobs (Part#BBP-52-709) only cost $7.95/pair. Replacing the knobs and installing the accent piece keeps you under $50 and gives you a complete transformation.

It just goes to show you, it is possible to accessorize your motorcycle with some beautiful chrome and not have it break the bank. To learn more about these pieces or to look for more Chrome, log on to K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) and discover what we’ve got. It a lot more affordable than you think.