Registered Trademark News – Sturgis & K and G Cycles

The online news sources are all talking about Sturgis® being granted Federal Trademark Registration to SMRI. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, Inc., are owners of the portfolio of Trademarks and Service Marks related to the world famous Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally

“This was certainly anticipated for a number of months, but is nevertheless an exciting development for the future protection, promotion and long-term health of the Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally,” commented board member and longtime Sturgis-area businessman John E. Johnson

The team here at K and G Cycles® also know the value of this designation. Almost 1 month ago, we received an email from our hardworking owner George Marakas announcing that:

Effective today, K & G Cycles and K and G Cycles are both officially recognized trademarks by the United State of America. This means we now fall in the same class of companies as Coca-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon. While both our customer base and bank accounts pale in comparison, we nonetheless can say that no one can ever legally call themselves K and G in the motorcycle parts and accessories business without incurring both our wrath and that of the United States of America. It also means we get to start using the really cool little ® (the circled “R”) (also known as a rabol – derived from Registered & Authorized Business Logo) whenever we show either the text for K and G Cycles or the logo.

We’re proud of the growth of our company and and our growing ability to serve our customers. After all, without our customers, we just wouldn’t be kinduvabigdeal!!