A Better Handling Touring Bike

Just because you own a Touring Class Harley doesn’t mean you can’t have fun riding that bike. Navigating the curves doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve all felt that wobble, weaving and rear steer. K and G cycles has a cure for these adverse handling problems you’ve been experiencing. The Progressive Suspension Touring Link Chassis Stabilizer or the RevTech Chassis Stabilizer.

   Knowing that the mosliding-a-road-kingtor and swing arm assembly needs to remain aligned with the chassis for the best, most confident handling. An simple and rather inexpensive remedy is to install a Progressive Suspension Touring Link to stabilize the swing arm. By simply connecting the chassis & motor, this allows them to remain in constant alignment. The also reduces unnecessary vibrations often transferred to the rider. After you complete the installation of the chassis stabilizer, you will experience a difference. Most notably you will feel an improvement with the way bagger handles. Best of all, you will see little to no loss of stock ground clearance. Crafted from high strength Forged Steel construction with precision Rod End bearings ensure a strong product that will deliver years of trouble free service. The Progressive Suspension Touring Link is designed to be used on 1993-2008 original equipment frame, as well as 2009 and newer model (different part numbers apply).

   You can aldraggin-the-pipesso choose the RevTech Chassis Stabilizer. Another great product from a company known for it’s contributions to the Performance Motorcycle World. RevTech utilizes a swing arm pivot anchor to isolate and strengthen the suspension of the bike. Giving you a completely different feel on the bike, now you can lean that beast into the curves with increased confidence and capture a bigger smile.

   There is no need to let all the Sportsters or Cafe Bikes have all the fun tearing up the pavement. Contact your Sales Rep at K and G Cycles today and order up one of these quality Chassis Stabilizers for your bike. You won’t believe the thrill it will bring to your saddle.