A Better Way to Protect your Motorcycle

cover craft motorcycle coverSo Winter is here, and for most of us that means putting the bike up for storage. Are you prepared? Have you done everything you should for your rides long slumber? Not quite sure? Check out this blog that gives you a great guideline for prepping your bike for winter storage: K and G Cycles V-Twin Blog – Hibernation Preparation.

You’ve gotten it all done except the last step, placing a cover on it. Sure you could use some old sheets or a tarp, but this isn’t some $89 bicycle you picked up at K Mart, this is your pride and joy. Tarps will do nothing but scratch that beautiful paint and scuff that shiny chrome, they don’t fit right and need constant adjustment. Old sheets are a much softer alternative, but again, they aren’t “made” for a motorcycle and will need to be monitored to ensure they haven’t fallen off.

Since I have crushorange and black covered your current method of protection, you ask, “What other choice do I have? I suggest purchasing a Motorcycle Cover specifically constructed for your particular class/model/brand from the great selection available from K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com). The first question I am sure you are going to ask is – What makes this different from my current method of protection?” A cover that is meant for your bike will offer many advantages starting with a great fit by following every curve of the bike and protect fine paint jobs and expensive chrome from damage by employing a soft breathable flannel liner. In many cases, the outer shell is a urethane coated polyester fabric that includes steel cable reinforced grommets, air vents, heat shields, storage bag and a windshield liner if needed. The built in vents control any condensation build up prone to storage. Because an actual motorcycle covers fit is true and formed, you also cut down on critters and young ones from going where they don’t belong. There is nothing worse than walking out to the bike and seeing your make shift cover on the ground with Fluffy or Lil Johnny prints all over the place. The built-in grommets also let you tie the cover to the bike keeping those that might be tempted from causing potential damage.

A Motorcycle covred coverer is like the “Cherry on Top” when it comes to storage. You can prep the bike all you want, but unless you are willing to go all the way and install a quality cover like those offered at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) your efforts are incomplete. Finish the job right by installing motorcycle cover to protect your investment. If you need help or suggestions with your Winter Storage Needs call us today 1-888-505-2634.