A Custom fit from Custom Bars

   As we all know, accessorizing our motorcycles consists of adding Chrome or Powder Coated pieces to identify it as ours. Another reason we accessorize a bike is to make it fit us. there a lot of different ways we can accomplish this, but I want to focus on the different types of handlebars. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) our goal is to provide you with as many resources as possible to allow you to completely customize your bike for fit and finish.

  The easiest way for my to do this is simply state the bar style, tell you a little about it and give you an example available from K and G Cycles.

Z BarsThese baz-bar-25-0420rs are just that! Handle bars that are shaped to resemble a “Z”. With numerous sizes available this style of bar will work on many models as well as many makes too. Adding “Z” bars to your bike can transform the look of your motorcycle from mild to wild. When purchasing new bars, let your K and G Rep know the year, make and model of your bike as dimpling and knurling are critical details needed to insure the correct bars are headed your way. “Z” bars are an awesome way to bring early chopper styling to your ride.

Ape Hangers – Theblack barsse handlebars got their name from the position it places your arms when you ride. They “Hang” from the bars, and sort of have you mimicking an Ape. Often times people will stick to the 16″ to 18″ because it gives them enough height to allow them to stretch out, places the arms right around shoulder height which keeps them legal in most cases. This height also allows you to retains a good level of control over the bike whether you are traveling down the road or maneuvering around in the garage.

 Drag Bars – These handlebdrag-bars-25-0230ars are styled after drag racing bikes, hence the name. With a tendency to be more of a straight bar, Drag Bars pit the rider in more of a stretched, aggressive stance. Many people find these to be a bit uncomfortable for their taste, but for those looking for a edgy stance Drag Bars are the ticket. If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle that has Drag Bars installed on it, you also notice the the attitude it gives you.

   This is but a small sampling of handlebars available at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) available to you. As you get ready to choose the new bars for your bike, it may benefit you to hit a few show rooms to sit on similar models with different bars. You may also want to hit some Bike Nights and if you see someone with the bars you think you might want, strike up a conversation.