A Drink Holder for Your Ride

   Have you ever been out riding on a hot day and needed a drink to cool you down? Could you have used a drink of water on that long trip? I am sure you have answered yes, but often say” Where can I keep it close at hand?” Well K and G Cycles has the answer for you, a handlebar mounted drink holder. They let you keep a beverage within reach to cool you down, pick you up, and keep you hydrated.

   There are many styles of drink HD brink holder RR-HD   holders available today, and some even come with their own travel cup or mug. The most common denominator is they attach to your motorcycles handlebars. Whether it is a clamp type or a bolt on application that mounts to the switch housing, it will get the job done. With multiple finishes available, you can have your choice of Chrome, Black, Camouflage, or even Leather. Some are available in a basic design that is not much more than a bracket and basket that is capable of holding a 12oz. can or 16-20oz bottle. Some people may find it silly to add a drink holder to a motorcycle. They might even say “Why not pull over and have a beverage, stretch, and take a break?”, that same argument can be put in front of car and truck drivers. Drink holders are standard on most vehicles, so why can’t we as motorcyclists have that option? With the addition of a drink holder to your motorcycle, you don’t have to miss out on your morning coffee, you can have that nice cold cola, and not miss a beat. Because most of the drink holders are right in front of the rider, they never have to take their eyes off the road. This allows for safer travels because there are less distractions.

   Now you may wonder HD90-105BK-01if the passenger will be as fortunate as you in being able to have a beverage on the road. The answer is “Yes”. Many of today’s manufacturers also have passenger drink holders available, depending on your model. There are drink holders that mount to the armrests on touring bikes. If you don’t have a trunk, you still have an option. There are saddlebag guard rail mount drink holders. Some come with additional storage while others simply clamp on the rail. So you see, no matter what bike you ride, there is somewhere to keep a drink close at hand.

   The days of having to pullover whenever you are thirsty are long gone. Now you can take your beverage with you. A good cup of coffee, a cold bottle of water, some tart lemonade, whatever your decision. K and G Cycles has a great selection of beverage holders for your motorcycle. Contact us today and will be happy to discuss your options.