A Gas Cap can be The Finishing Touch

   Whatever you ride, chances are you have the boring stock Gas Cap still on there just like everybody else. What if you’ve installed a custom paint set and reused the same old cap? Sure it doesn’t seem like a big deal but changing the gas cap can have a profound effect on the look of the bike. From high polished chrome to gloss and flat black, brushed aluminum, and cast designs, as well as pop-up and aircraft design gas caps K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) carries all sorts of styles with one sure to fit your bike and taste.

   Gas caps comblack gas caps 38-0462e in wide variety of designs along with a good range of prices that allow you to customize your bike for for a small fee or top off that awesome one of a kind paint set. The simplest version is a threaded cap that is a direct replacement for your factory cap and will usually come in Chrome, Black, or Polished finishes.  Your options don’t end there, you have just crossed into the custom side. From here on out, it is not as easy as removing the cap, drilling or welding often accompanies these gas caps. If you choose the flush mount gas caps, you get a high-tech look with either a pop-up design or an aviation style “keyed” entry. Some of the flush mount caps have threaded necks which allow you to merely remove your stock cap and thread the new on in place, while others bolt in or need to be welded in place for a proper installation. The end result is the same, a custom look that stands apart from the others.

   One the most overlooked items to replace when customizing your bike is definitely the gas cap because we see it as a utility piece, and utility is not supposed to be pretty. We here at K and G Cycles (www.kandgycles.com) like to throw convention out the window, that is why we offer a large selection of Gas Caps at great prices.