A new Petcock can do so much for your Bike

   Most older (or Carbureted) motorcycles have a fuel petcock mounted on or nearby the fuel tank to control the supply of gasoline. On some metric models it is also known as a petrol tap. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) understands over time the internals are subject deterioration and will need to be replaced. With a wide variety to choose from, you now have the capability to select a new unit based on performance, finish, filtering ability and more. There can be so much more to selecting a new Petcock than ajust replacing a stock style.

petcock   Petcocks typically have three positions: On, Off, and Reserve. The reserve position accesses the bottom portion of the fuel tank. Its functionality is especially useful on older or entry level bikes, which may not have a fuel gauge. Many motorcycles now have an automatic, vacuum operated, petcock, with on and reserve as well as sometimes a prime position, which bypasses the vacuum operation mode and allows fuel to flow to the carburetor without the engine turning over. Another common option is a vacuum operated petcock with no reserve. Instead the use of a sensor in the tank turns a light on when the fuel level is low. In most cases these versions will not have an off option either. This petcock will be entirely transparent to the rider and not accessible without removing the bikes fuel tank.

   When operating a motorcycle the fuel management process often proceeds as follows:

  • When regarding vintage motorcycles, the petcock is set to the off position when the motorcycle is not being operated. This helps eliminate fuel overflow and leakage from the carburetor.
  • Before starting the engine the petcock is turned to the on position in order to provide gasoline to the fuel delivery system.

quad pic petcocks   While operating the motorcycle there will reach a point at which fuel consumption causes the level of gasoline in the fuel tank to fall below the point it can be accessed by the petcock in the on position. At that time continued operation of the engine can still be maintained. Such operation is achieved by accessing the remaining fuel in the fuel tank via rotating the valve in the petcock to the reserve position.

   Whether you bought an older bike, held on to our first, or prefer carburetion, at some point that Petcock will require attention. Whether it is from age or a desire for cosmetic upgrade, K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has a great selection of replacement Petcocks for almost anything you ride. No matter if you have a Touring Bike, a Cruiser, a  Sportbike, Motocross or ATV and more, there is one for your application.