A new Season, A New Helmet, and New Helmet News

With the new riding season in full swing, we turn our attention towards Helmets and Helmet education. Whether it is the pending purchase of a new Helmet or the planning of our Summer Motorcycle Trip, the focus is on Helmets. Every year when we attend the Dealer Expo’s we are shown numerous “New” examples of the proverbial wheel. At K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) we want to be your one source for everything Helmet related, that’s why we carry one of the largest selections around.

As of late it seems there is a push to offer more feature packed noggin caps. Some of the bonus features on Helmets are the use of light weight composite materials or carbon fiber, and built in communications features. In addition, there is a movement to a one time adjustable chin strap that is a simple “Click” and you are ready to go. Appearing on more and more buckets are those sweet retractable sun shields. Since I have to wear glasses, this is one of my favorite aspects. It is so nice to have the ability to deploy or recall “Sunglasses” with a finger tip, and never miss a beat. You don’t have to purchase different face shields or helmets and anticipate what the day will do, and end up with compromised vision.

celtic half helmetAnother big hit is the numerous models that are available with Bluetooth communications built into the helmet. Not only does this enable you to make and receive phone calls from your Bluetooth equipped phone, it also lets you stream music, hear GPS prompts, and can usually be paired with 3 to 5 other units. This allows rider/passenger communication or multiple riders in your group. Staying connected, while being protected, and enjoying your tunes has never been easier.

Now, because our vacations usually consist of us traveling through numerous states, it is tough to keep up on what states require you to wear a lid at all times, which ones have relaxed requirements, and which ones leave it up to you. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) is here to provide you with some information that may make planning that trip a little less stressful. There is no need to have an unnecessary encounter with a member of the local Law Enforcement Community. Below we have provided a State by State listing of their Helmet Laws.

Motorcycle Safety State Fact Sheets & Helmet Laws

Legend for the visual indicators of types of helmet laws

¬†As always we encourage you to shop and ask questions, as well as travel safely.. Whether you want to know more about a helmet, know more about the current laws, or want to know if we’ve ever been “there” on vacation. please drop us an e-mail dkopach@kandgcycles.com.
*Please be advised in April 2012, Michigan changed their helmet law from a universal to a partial helmet law. The former law required all riders to wear a helmet, now it only requires those 20 and younger to don the bucket.