A New Season means new Adventures. Start planning now!

The New Year brings with it many good things like renewed vacation days, tax returns, and a lust for warm riding weather. Given the fact most of us aren’t able to ride in the winter months, it is a great time to start planning your trips and rationing out your vacation days. We as riders all heed different calls when it comes to the destination of choice, but the common denominator is our adventures have us all traveling the more scenic route and find our inner peace. We here at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) firmly believe “It doesn’t matter what you ride, it just matters that you ride.” With that being said, whether your ideal ride/vacation is 30 minutes out of town or 300 miles from home there are a few items that will help all your adventures run as smooth as possible.

Kendon 2 place trailer part#CC-650616The Kendon Dual Stand Up Motorcycle Trailer – Kendon’s dual rail trailer features the company’s standard round tube steel construction, making the frame lighter and stronger. It has a lower platform with a longer, more durable ramp and integrated wheel chocks for a better loading experience, and removable rails so you can use it as a utility flatbed trailer with a 5′ x 7′ deck area. Kendon’s dual rail motorcycle trailers for Harley and Goldwings feature torsion bar axles which make towing 2 bikes safe, quiet and smooth. The motorbike trailer holds any size rear bike tire, comes with 13″ chrome wheels, high grade trailer tires and larger casters – all features that will ensure you enjoy your Kendon trailer for the next several decades and countless adventures.

Dual motorcycle trailers come equipped with removable rails so they can be used as a utility trailer for transporting cargo. These motorcycle trailers are capable of safely carrying up to two heavyweight cruiser bikes and/or cargo up to 2000 lbs. These folding trailers are also specifically engineered to safely handle one heavy motorcycle, such as a Harley-Davidson Touring Bike, a Gold Wing or similar class motorcycle, on either side of the trailer. This is due to the independent torsion suspension that each trailer for motorcycles comes equipped with. Kendon also offers an optional center rail accessory that allows for loading one bike down the center of the dual motorcycle trailer.

tourmaster tank bagOften our adventures take us to remote, out of the way locations, sometimes making us feel lost. As long as we have a trusty map for reference, we are never really lost, but where do we keep the map? Well, a tank bag will hold your map, keep it dry, and offer up additional storage. Available in either magnetic mount or strap mount configurations, as well as numerous color choices, tank bags are a great addition to any bike. About the size of small cooler or insulated lunch box, many tank bags today have charging port capabilities so you can keep your phones or other rechargable items at the ready and out of the weather should Mother Nature decide you need a shower. Now don’t get me wrong, GPS units are great to use, and allow you to plan your trip from start to finish, but as we all have found out Tom T. Magellan isn’t always accurate or wants us to follow his alternative route. Maps may be “Old School” but rarely let you down, so why not take one along, keep it protected, and give yourself some extra baggage.When you get to our site (www.kandgcycles.com), just search “Tank Bags” and check out the great selection.

masterlock disc lockEven though we’d like to believe no one would attempt to steal out rides, securing them is very important. I won’t preach about parking in a well lit area, parking by other motorcycles, locking the forks, or even pulling the bike into your room. I will probable get hate mail for stating this but, if thieves want your bike bad enough, they will get it. There is a simple option to make it more difficult for them – a brake disc lock from Master Lock. There is nothing more hurtful than being 2 days into one of your adventures and having your bike stolen. The fine folks at Master Lock have been designing security locks for over 80 years and is considered by many as the best available. All master locks have two round type keys or two flat type keys (except as noted). the round type uses a heat-treated grade 6 anti-pick 7 pin Cylinder that is guaranteed not to wear out and the key’s lock receptacle also has a hardened dome shape making it very difficult for thieves to drill out. A manufacturer’s unconditional lifetime warranty against defects in material & workmanship is included. Simply unlock, slide it over your rotor, close the lock through one of your disc holes and you are set. Your bike can no longer be rolled away. REMEMBER to remove the lock when you are ready to leave, if you don’t, your bike will be abruptly introduced to the ground.

As you start thinking about the upcoming riding season and all the possibilities it holds, make sure you give the crew at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) a call and have them set you up with everything you need to really enjoy the season and many more. From trailers to navigation aids to security, we’ve got you covered.