A Popular Alternative

Two wheels represent freedom for many motorcyclists. Riders of all ages appreciate the feeling of individualism, while still belonging to a very select group. There have been many changes in the biker culture as times have changed over the years, including the idea that motorcycles stop at two wheels. What changes a diehard motorcycle rider into a trike rider? Some attribute the shift to three wheels to the aging process. Some riders find it difficult to balance their motorcycle after joints weaken or injuries occur. Not wanting to give up riding altogether, they turn to three wheels and head back out onto the open roads. There are several manufacturers who offer conversion kits capable of turning a two wheeler into a trike. Kool Trikes owner, Randy Butler, said that vertigo kept him off of two wheels. Whatever the cause of the increase in popularity, trikes seems to be here to stay. Have you ever ridden on a trike? We want to hear your opinion! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.