A Riders Best Friend – The Trusty Shop Manual

  repair manual   There comes a point in time when we decide we are going to start performing our own maintenance, installing accessories, or tackling repairs on our motorcycle. You already have a huge tool box, the lift, plenty of room, but no guide to get you through. It is time to consider purchasing a Repair Manual. You may also call them a Shop Manuals, Garage Guide, Reference Manuals, or even Bible. Whatever you call them, they are worth their weight in gold. K and G Cycles (www,kandgcycles.com) has a large selection of the manuals you need to get the job done correctly, with as little headache as possible.

   A Service Manual is a handbook published by a vehicle manufacturer or a specialized publishing company that contains instructions and specifications for the maintenance and repair of a specific motorcycle. It may also include wiring diagrams and troubleshooting guides as well. That is why a Service Manual is an important investment to add to add to any tool box. There are a handful of publishers today that are producing these pieces of literature and all are great sources of information. Aside from the Factory Version, a company called Haynes is probably the biggest player in the game. Not only does Haynes offer model specific manuals, but they also carry general information guides too. Having a manual from a trusted source is like having a technician on call whenever you pick up a wrench. A great feature of most aftermarket guides is when they are written, they are written to you and I, not some technician that has been around motorcycles for 20 plus years. When you read something, it actually makes sense. With most manuals costing about the same a decent Dinner and Drinks, they have tried to make them as affordable as possible.

   service and repair manual   When it comes time for you to start wrenching on your bike yourself, make sure you have the right Service Manual for the job. K and G cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has an extensive collection, covering almost all makes and models. Even though some feel if they consult a manual it insults their knowledge, for most, it is the right guide to get the job done. So whether you ware looking for maintenance guide, basic repair manuals, electrical guides, or vehicle specific manuals, K and G Cycles has what you need.