A Secret Spot in The Dash

How many times have you complained there isn’t enough storage on your motorcycle? Probably more than you would care to remember. K and G cycles has one solution that gets you more storage and adds a custom dash panel to your ride. We all love adding custom accessories to our bikes, so why not add one that actually adds some benefits other than looking good.

   FoStash-dash-39-0460r owners of non-intercom equipped H-D Touring Class motorcycles (FLHX, FLHT, FLHTC, FLTR) there is now a stylish way to add convenient storage for items you need close at hand. The Dash Cover Stash Box. Whether it be a Cell Phone, Wallet, Registration, or more, you now have a place for that. Smothered in Chrome, this dash cover has smooth lines that will bring out the good looks on any bike. Behind the shapely cover door that has concealed hinges, you reveal the ample storage compartment as well as the fuel fill. This piece is like no other. Where else can you get form AND function in one sleek accessory? Due to its long neck design, it is recommended a short nose seat be used for best fitment results. Aside from the seat, this kit has everything you need to complete the install and transform your motorcycle into a one of a kind Boulevard Bad Boy.

   When it comes time to upgrade the looks of your ride and you want to add an accessory few others have, you will want to consider this Dash Cover with integrated Stash Box. Accenting the curves of your bike, this cover gives you extra storage for the little things in life. How nice would it be if you were to get pulled over to have the registration and insurance handy rather than have to pull off the seat or side cover to retrieve it.  What about the challenge of pulling up to an ATM and having to shift around, grab the wallet and then get your card. This can by made worse if you are wearing any rain gear or cold weather gear. Contact Team K and G to get one ordered up and installed and see the difference this 1 piece makes.