A Tasty Burger in the middle of Nowhere – Moonshine, IL

moonshine store logo  If you are looking for a tasty burger and happen to be in the middle of nowhere or East-Central Illinois, stop and get directions to Moonshine, IL, home of the Infamous Moon Burger. Nestled in the farmland of Middle America is a place to get a “Good Ole Fashioned Burger” and have some great conversation with one of the locals, someone from another state, or maybe someone from another country. That’s right, over the years the destination has included visitors from all 50 states and 40 countries.

Owners Roy Lee and Helen Tuttle  bought the old country store(built in 1912) in 1982 and quickly transformed it into “the best eatin place in town”. What makes this place unique isn’t the fact it serves beef burgers cooked on gas grills, nor that the population is 2, or the fact that it is literally at an intersection among the farm fields. What does make it the place to be is the ride getting there(often with a few stops to ask for directions), and it’s serving schedule. GPS will get you close, but it will never deliver you to the front door, and you need to make sure you get there early if you want a “Moon Burger” because the grill gets turned off at 12:30 SHARP. Yep, Helen shuts down the grill at 12:30, however the store doesn’t close then, you can still get deli style sandwiches, chips, drinks, and such.

The popularity of  the little Moonshine Store has given birth to a motorcycle rally – The Moonshine Lunch Run, began in 2005 with a mere 26 motorcycles with the greatest distance ridden 610 miles one way. Through the years the event has grown with 2011 being the most prosperous to date, setting a new record of 2068 burgers served and  approximately 1600 bikes and 1800 people showing up to the 3 day event, whatever the weather. Terry Hammond is the man to credit for the creation of The Moonshine Lunch Run and even though it may seem like “just a ride to get a burger” it is far more than that. It is a small area of Illinois that opens its arms to the motorcycling community wanting a one of a kind dining experience with the end result being thousands of dollars donated to various charitable organizations over the years. On top of this, one year there were raffle tickets sold to raise money for a local resident battling Cancer which raised $1,500. and the winner of the raffle donated the money back. Sadly in late 2010 Terry passed away, but because of his passion and dedication family and friends have carried the torch in his honor.  As anyone who’s ridden to Moonshine can attest, it’s not about the ride, it’s not about the burger, it’s about the experience. For that experience, and so much more, riders everywhere thank Terry Hammond.

So if you are looking for a great ride no matter where you are, set your sights on Moonshine, Illinois whether it’s for The Moonshine Lunch Run or any other day of the year,  you will never forget the experience at The Moonshine Store. The store is open 6A.M – 1 P.M. Monday thru Saturday and is closed on Sundays and Major Holidays.