A Whole New Look and Feel from a New Set of Risers


   If you are looking to give that bike a little more attitude, you might want to consider swapping out your handlebar risers. With a ton of options available from different heights, different finishes and even different shapes, the possibilities are endless. A new set of risers can give your bars just the right height and angle to transform your ride into something you’ve never seen before. K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) has a great selection of handlebar risers ready for your bike now.

twisted riser   If you are looking to further the Twisted look, take a look at these 4″ Twisted Risers. Brought to you by Show Chrome Accessories you can give your bike a unique ”Twist”. Sculpted Twisted Risers are a perfect custom component that really sets your cruiser apart from the crowd! These polished chrome plated risers move your handlebars back for a more comfortable riding position. The risers bolt on in minutes eliminating lengthy installs. Most riser applications do not require adjusting cable length.

Part # BBP-55-334x: Fit 1″ Handlebars

Part # BBP-55-335x: Fit 1  1/4″ Handlebars


slotted-risers-BBP-55-135-0   Another riser you might want to look at is this Square Cast Riser with or without cut outs on the interior. These square block style risers have a curved back to add style to the bike. This sweet addition will raise the handlebars 4″ and give them 1″ pullback. They come with matching clamps and are available in either solid or cutout designs. What better way to give your bike a custom fit and look for not a lot of money. Most riser applications do not require adjusting cable length but there is always the exception so please “Measure twice, cut once!”. Mounting bolts are not included with these risers as different applications can require different sizes. Use with appropriate bolt adapters.

Part # BBP-55-135 – Square Cast Risers w/Cut Out for 1″ Bars

Part # BBP-55-316 – Solid Square Cast Risers for 1″ Bars

Customization of your motorcycle can come in many forms. It can also serve a function too. Your friends at K and G Cycles (www.kandgcycles.com) want to help you realize your dreams when it comes to adding personal touches. New risers are one accessory install that can actually make the bike fit you better too.