Accessories to Upgrade Your Tour Pak

When it comes to adding accessories to your motorcycle, you want to turn to the names you trust. Here at K and G Cycles we feel the same, and that is why we bring you only the best accessories for your ride. Today I want to show you one item designed to increase passenger comfort, and another intended to add custom lighting that increases visibility and flair. So sit back, enjoy the presentation, and be ready to pull out that credit card.

   Let’s begin by takinTPak trim lights TR-419455 g a look at additional lighting from Kuryakyn for your Tour Pak. Part # TR-419455 is the lighted Tour Pak side trim. First off, adding any chrome trim to our bikes is always good. It becomes even better when that piece is functional too. Add in the fact it is lighted and should increase your safety as well and this is one add-on you won’t want to be without. This tastefully designed Side Trim for your Tour Pak will add the right amount of flair, leaving the others jealous, Adding any additional lighting could be considered a safety upgrade and therefore justify this purchase. Acting as extra brake lights, these super bright L.E.D. lights are sure to grab the attention of everyone around you. In reality you could say it is “Safety Chrome” form one of the best.

   Now that we’ve madKyryakyn-Drink-Holdere your motorcycle safer for you and your passenger, it is time to add some creature comforts. There are many options for the rider when it comes to drink holders, not true when it comes to the passenger. That is until now. The folks over at Kuryakyn must be motorcycle riders that ride two-up a lot in order to have come up with this Tour Pak mounted passenger drink holder (Part# TR-419427). This chrome covered drink holder is available in left or right side mount and sits just outboard of the armrests on the King Tour Pak. You also have your choice of a stainless steel travel mug or a basket capable of carrying most cans or bottles of your favorite refreshing beverage. No more tapping the rider on the shoulder for a swig of their drink, they now are responsible for their own.

   Given the fact both of these accessories are capable of making life more enjoyable while motoring down the road, whether it is a safer feeling or the ability to relax with that beverage to keep you hydrated and happy, Kuryakyn delivers. K and G Cycles is all about pride of ownership and ones choices to customize your ride. Some custom touches are for beauty, while others are for safety, and yet others are for comfort, so it is rare to find an upgraded accessory that utilizes all 3 in 1 package.