Accessorizing Hondas Shadow just got Easier

   Without a doubt, the Shadow is one of the most popular cruisers in Honda’s line up. No matter what incarnation of the bike you choose, we all have either ridden one or known someone that has. That certainly speaks volumes for the breed and the audience it targets. Here at K and G Cycles ( we recognize this icon and want to offer the ability to customize your Shadow.

 600 axle cover BBP-1-241  To begin with, lets focus on making that rear axle area look better. Let’s face it the stock axle adjuster bolts are not pretty in their raw state. Rear axle covers are a great way to beautify your rear end with ease and have them checking you out, or at least your rear. Part # BBP-1-241 is for Shadow 600′s and is designed to cover that axle adjusters and the dirty bolts associated with them. You can never have too much chrome, even on the back of the bike that sometimes might be covered with saddlebags. Go past where the other guy stopped customizing his Shadow and put the “Cherry on Top”.

   Next as we loBrake pdl cvr BBP-53-147-01  ok to bring a one of a kind look to the very popular Honda Shadow line, we present this Rear Brake Pedal Cover. Part # BBP-53-147 is The “Comfort” Line brake pedal cover. With it’s beautiful chrome finish and rubber pads on the surface, you will be amazed how the addition of this little piece changes the look of your bike. You will also notice how the attached non-skid rubber pads deliver a firm grip on your boot that equates to a more confident, firm braking feel. Best of all, this is just one piece in the line so you can have this whole theme throughout your bike.

twin tube fender rail BBP-53-119-01   Another great way to add a personal touch to your bike is by adding this twin tube front fender rail. Not only does this add a distinct look to your ride, it also brings a rather nostalgic look to your classic motorcycle. Part # BBP-53-119 securely mounts to the front forks with a four point attachment that  minimizes vibration so ther eis no buzz coming from your new trim piece. Designed to bolt on to the original fender mounting bracket, installation is a breeze with because there is no additional hardware needed.

   So you see, adding custom touches to your Shadow is fairly simple. K and G Cycles ( wants to help you make your Shadow a one of a kind custom bike that is a reflection of you. Contact us and we can help you get started on your way to a bike that makes your statement.