Accessorizing your Yamaha V Star 950

Let’s say you own a Yamaha V Star 950 and want to add some killer accessories but aren’t sure how they’ll look. Your buddies at K and G Cycles ( have put together a guide to help you preview before you buy. Now of course this isn’t every item we carry for the 950, but it is the top of the list. So sit back, relax, and get ready to transform your ride into your dream.


The easiest way for me to do this is assign each part a number and simply roll through them and give you a description. Here we go!

1) Part # BBP-13-207 – Dual Accessory Switch. Constructed of cast aluminum and finished in a high luster chrome. The two push button switches have red LED’s indicating when your accessories are on. Fopr your convenience, the Switch Block can be mounted on either clutch side or throttle side of 1″ bars.

2) Part #’s BBP-55-335X and BBP-55-334X – Twisted Risers. Sculpted Twisted Risers are a perfect custom component that really sets your cruiser apart from the crowd! These polished chrome plated risers move your handlebars back for a more comfortable riding position. The risers bolt on in minutes eliminating lengthy installs. Most riser applications do not require adjusting cable length. The Twisted Risers pair nicely with our Twisted Cruiser Mirrors. (see #19)

3) Part # BBP-63-210 – Chrome Contour Neck Cover. We are proud to offer this exceptionally stylish Contour Neck Cover for the Yamaha V Star 950. This custom neck cover offers unparalleled design in a flowing multi radius-ed contoured style that will breath new life into your V Star 950. The ABS Chrome Neck Covers attach with the included hardware and can easily be installed in under 5 minutes in most cases.

4) Part # BBP-63-204 – Mini Contour Driving Light Kit. The Mini Contour Halogen Driving Light Kit is crafted of forged aluminum, providing the ultimate in strength and durability. All the necessary wiring is routed internally for a clean, custom look. The included switch can be mounted conspicuously in a side cover for seamless operation of the light bar as desired. This kit comes with almost everything you need to complete the install: two mini halogen lights, light bar, mounting plate, mounting hardware, wire harness, switch and relay. Note –  This kit does not include turn signal lights or turn signal adapters, as when customizing a motorcycle every biker has their own preference. Kits are available in your choice of 2 3/8”, 50 watt or 3 1/2”, 55 watt bulb. *Turn signal mounts sold separately*

5) Part # BBP-63-201 – Front Fender Tip Accent. This bright chrome ABS plastic accent fits snug to the contour of your front fender. The high center design with sweeping layered curves, adds an exciting feel to the front fender. This great addition will resist corrosion , providing trouble free maintenance. Installation couldn’t be simpler with 3M double sided tape. This accent piece gives your motorcycle that added flair it needs.

6) Part # BBP-63-320 – The Vantage Horn Cover. Vantage Horn Covers are constructed of lightweight ABS and have a brilliant chrome finish.  The classic design of the Vantage Horn Cover hints at movement without affecting the resonance of the horn. No tools necessary for installation, the Vantage Horn Cover snaps on and dresses up the oh so pretty OEM horn. With its two clip inner tapered design, BBP-63-320 is designed to cover both 3” and 3-1/4” horns for most Kawasaki and Yamaha Cruisers. The Vantage Horn Cover gives your bike a custom look at a fraction of the cost of other after market horn covers. Snap one on today and turn your OEM horn into a show piece.

7) Part # BBP-2-156A – Chrome Side Reflector Grill. This two piece kit has chromed ABS grilles that when installed bring a classic touch to your motorcycle.  Though designed for a universal fit, they measure  3-1/4″ x 1-1/4″ and fit side reflectors on most Yamaha cruisers. Installation is a breeze with double sided tape included in the kit.

8) Part # BBP-62-108L – Left Caliper Cover. Keep that dirty caliper hidden with this Chrome Cover. Finished in a lustrous show chrome finish, this stamped steel cover incorporates a bold terrace design. Everything you need to install this cover is provided so your upgrade is easy.

9) Part # BBP-63-212 is a beautiful Die Cast Aluminum Regulator Cover. Covered in chrome, this cover instantly dresses up the regulator of the V Star 950 and adds a great chrome accent to the frame. The cut out design provides a distinctive design element while allowing air movement across the regulator. Installs quickly and easily, making this cover a V Star 950 must have.

10) Part # BBP-63-214 is a Chrome Oil Dipstick. Replace that black plastic OEM filler cap with the one your bike deserves, a Die Cast Chrome Oil Cap. Embedded stainless dipstick allows quick checking and measuring of oil level.  For ease of use, you even use the existing OEM O-ring for a snug seal.

11) Part # BBP-63-211 is a pair of ABS Chrome Frame Covers. These Frame Covers for the V Star 950 vertical swing arm. This pair of covers instantly give a custom milled look to finish the frame with the custom rubber scuff pad inserts accenting the flowing curve of the frame. This Chrome Frame Cover is an attention getter and installs easily with provided 3M Tape.

12) Part # BBP-21-421R is a Mini Board Peg System. Intended to give your rider or passenger more real estate for their feet to ensure a more comfortable ride. Utilizing the standard peg mount, there is no need to purchase any special bracketry like you do with traditional floor boards.  Adding a larger footrest is sure to make them happier, and since it is now a lot easier, it will make you happy too.

13) BBP-63-215 is a pair of Chrome Swing Arm Covers. The ABS chrome covers have a distinctive design that makes the swing arm pop. These multi level covers snap into place with 3M Dual Lock fasteners allowing for easy removal and installation. Designed to flow with our contoured neck covers and belt covers. This is a must have trim piece for the V Star 950.

14) BBP-63-202 is this beautiful Chrome Belt Guard. Chrome Belt Cover for the Yamaha V Star 950. The recognized design greatly improves the OEM belt cover by adding length to protect the rear belt more fully and widening the belt cover for extra protection. This unique design is enhanced with a contoured shape running front to rear. This not only covers the belt, but adds a great element of styling. Show Chrome Accessories’ reputation for quality chrome insures unmatched brilliance in fit and finish.

15) BBP-63-303 Saddlebag Stand-Offs. These Chrome Steel supports mount to rear fender bracket with new hardware that is provided. Holds saddlebags away from brake caliper, swing arms and rear tire.  Best of all there is no drilling required. Additional hardware may be required to install if an aftermarket backrest has been installed.

16) BBP-63-207 is a Tubular Solo Rack. Now available is a Tube Style Solo Rack for Yamaha Cruisers. This rack is 11 ¾” x 6 ½” and utilize custom chromed mounting brackets included for each kit. These solo racks easily replace the rear pillow seat and mount to existing fender mounting points. You’ll be happy to know, there are no holes to drill.

17) BBP-18-203 and BBP-18-204 are the Smooth Blade Brake and Clutch Levers. There is no reason to leave out the control levers when it comes time to customize your bike. These Smooth Blade Levers are a great addition to any bike. They also offer up increased comfort over the stock levers.

18) BBP-17-383  are Comfort Heated Grips. Comfort Grips are easy to install, with CNC finish for extreme durability and chrome plated for a first class look. These vibration dampening grips are ergonomically designed with a convex profile to fit the cup of your hand. The symmetrical rubber pattern provides you with total grip comfort. This design reduces numbness, vibration and wrist fatigue in any position on the grip. Comfort Grips utilize OEM throttle tubes. The variable position rheostat switch gives the rider ultimate control over the degree of warmth produced. The control switch for cruisers easily installs on any 1″ handlebar in a convenient position of the rider’s choice. Show Chrome Accessories Chrome Comfort Heated Grip will transform the way you think about heated grips. Heated Grips draw 2.7 – 3.2 amps on high.

19) BBP-28-102 are Twisted Cruiser Mirrors. Show Chrome Accessories Twisted Mirrors for cruisers are manufactured of lightweight aluminum and have a sleek chrome finish. A unique twisted stem design hides any external joints or unsightly jam nuts. Available in two stem heights for your riding style: short 3-1/4″ and tall 4-1/4″. The Twisted Cruiser Mirrors simply thread into existing 10mm mirror mounts for easy installation. Also for Yamaha Cruisers they are made with right and left threads.

Like I said, these aren’t all the accessories available for the V Star 950, just some of the most popular. Hopefully this picture, with the accessories pointed out so you can see what they look like, will help you when it comes to accessorizing your ride. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and start down the road to a total custom ride.