Add a Belt Drive to Your Bike

You can have a custom bike, but it isn’t truly finished until you install an open Primary and over sized Belt Drive. Sure there are many companies out there making open primaries, but K and G Cycles wants to bring you “The Best of The Best”  and that is why we carry BDL (Belt Drives Ltd.) Recognized as the industry leader, BDL is a household name when it comes to aftermarket belt drives.

 BDL’s goal is pretty clear.  They BDL open primary 20-0009are here to provide customers with the best aftermarket accessories that are unparalleled in performance and design. Their facilities include an aluminum foundry, a shop filled with over 50 CNC mills and lathes, a gear cutting department, and a rubber manufacturing facility that includes a state of the art CAD design center and rapid prototyping. All of this combined. allows them to quickly move from design to final production with relative ease. In addition, rigorous testing of each product ensures you, the customer, nothing but the highest quality performance parts. When you purchase a BDL drive kit, you will have everything you need to make the transition. They do this because we all have favorites when it comes to that. With BDL you can choose from a complete line of open primaries with different plate designs that are finished in your choice of a Brilliant Chrome, a Wicked Black, a Polished finish, or a Clear or Black Anodized finish one of which sure to compliment your ride.

 When it comes time to finish that custom ride, and you want to go with an open primary, contact the team at K and G cycles. A BDL Open Primary Drive Kit is one of the best out there and will give your bike the finishing touch. It will also let everyone know you mean business. BDL, quality, performance, and style, 3 things you should demand when adding any accessoriy.