Need a cool backrest for your solo set-up?

So often when we modify our rides to meet our needs, we end up sacrificing something. For example, if we lower a bike, often the ride will change. If we install a solo seat, we lose a backrest, right? Not any more! K and G Cycles ( is proud to offer a one of a kind solo seat backrest made by Sully’s. Gone are the days of, “Just deal with it”, you now have an option of a custom support to enhance your bike.

Custom solo seat backrest keeps you in place when you nail the throttle.This unique solo backrest from Sully’s Custom Bobbers is available through K and G Cycles, and is sure to add just the right amount of wicked, custom flair to your ride, while keeping you in the saddle and giving your back some relief too. When your motor has mucho power, you need a backrest that will keep you planted when you hit the throttle. This backrest is made from high quality metals and has a beautiful finish in our favorite color – Black. Easy to install and sure to turn heads, The Solo Backrest is sure to please.

When you are ready to define who you are, contact K and G Cycles (www, and order up one of these good looking and functional custom solo backrests made by Sullys. Twist that throttle with confidence and stay planted in your seat.