Add a Detachable Fairing and instantly you have a 2nd Bike!

   What do you do when you realize you should have bought a bike with a fairing because now you ride more and some tunes wouldn’t be bad either? Do you trade in your bike and get one with all the bells and whistles? Do you buy a second bike so you have both styles, and risk feeling a “Great Disturbance in The Force”? Do you suck it up Buttercup and just use an MP3 player and some ear buds? Your friends at K and G Cycles ( have the perfect solution to what ails you, a Quick Detach Fairing from Dead Center. For all you Road King and FL Softtail owners, here is your opportunity to add some wind protection and traveling tunes at the same time.

   With the addition oDead Center QD Fairing CC-602080f a Dead Center Quick Detach Fairing, you will enjoy excellent wind protection, good looks and premium stereo sound on the open road. You now have the flexibility to convert your ride in seconds from a sweet touring bike to the wind in your face boulevard cruiser in seconds on compatible Harley Models. The Dead Center fairing gives you quick-detach convenience with additional security of a barrel lock. Innovative mounting brackets, which are patent pending, guide the fairing into the docked position quickly and easily when it comes time to hit the open road. Full touring comfort and the stripped down look you bought the bike for in the first place. Available with stereo pre-installed or without stereo so you can install your own components. Quality Construction – Meticulous fiberglass construction in gloss black gel-coat with polished stainless brackets.

  • Powerful Audio System – Sony Stereo system with Polk Audio 6-1/2″ Speakers – gets you rockin down the highway
  • Lockable – Harley models latch onto the bike automatically when attached, lockable with a turn of the key – keeps your investment out of the hands of others
  • Custom Harness – Custom wiring harness with sealed, easy to use thumb-release connectors – Installation and removal doesn’t get much easier
  • Convenient – Harley models attach/detach in seconds without tools utilizing stock windshield mounts – you already have everything in place
  • Compatability – Fits 1994+ Harley Davidson Road King and 00′-13′ FL Softtail Models – Dead Center makes other models that fit Dynas and Sportsters
  • Attach and detach in seconds without tools – Simple
  • Premium fiberglass construction using a special Resin Transfer Molding process – tough as nails and rivals OEM quality
  • No need for paint. The outer finish is a polished, gloss-black gel coat – Ready to be installed on H-D’s most popular  – Vivid Black
  • Corrosion resistant. All mounting hardware is polished stainless steel – Stays pretty under even the worst conditions
  • Compatible with many Harley-Davidson® and aftermarket fairing accessories. Including current 3 hole pattern windshields, windshield trims, pouches etc.
  • Fits 94-12 Road King; 00-12 FL Softail including; Heritage Softail, Deluxe and Fatboy models with quick detach windshield hardware (Fatboy models require mounting kit for passing lamps for proper width, mounting kit sold separately, #47-6106)
  • Units are available with or without audio componenets. Upgrade speakers, head units, and amplifiers are also available

   Now you can have thdead ctr QD no audio CC-602081e best of both worlds when it comes to motorcycling, a wind in your face cruiser and touring comfort with tunes. Add a Dead Center Quick Detach Fairing from K and G Cycles ( and see how cool it is to have “2″ bikes in your barn. Customization is taken to a whole new level with these Quick Detach Fairings from Dead Center.