Add more leg room with Extended Control Kits

 You just scored a great deal on that Sofftail you’ve always wanted, but after the ride last weekend, you discovered you need the controls pushed forward for more comfort. For the vertically challenged like myself, the stock location of the foot controls on an stock FX Softtail is fine, but for you 6 foot plus riders, it can be a tight squeeze. Here at K and G Cycles ( we understand that not every bike is an instant fit for the new owners and may need some modification.

 For those in the 72″ anForward control extension kit CC-631148 d over class, we proudly offer this Forward Control Extension Kit that moves the foot controls 3″ forward from the stock location. Part # CC-631148 comes with everything you need to complete the transformation on your 2007 and newer Harley-Davidson FX Softtail (Other model year fitments are available) so you won’t have to make extra  runs back and forth for those pesky “Additional Parts Required”. A standard riding position can become uncomfortable and cramped after long distances.  Extending your Forward Controls allow the legs to be placed in a more comfortable riding position that reduces stiffness and fatigue. If the rider does not quite fit his or her bike, extending the forward controls may solve the problem by favorably changing its ergonomics. Just like your bike, you now have a long, lean look full of attitude when cruising down the boulevard.

 There is no longer a need to Cruise Cramped when you can ride with increased comfort and attitude. Installing Extended Forward Controls can make your bike fit like a glove and enhance your riding experience. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and see just how simple it is to customize your fit and enjoy the ride.