Add on Stylish Storage – Fork Bags

   For many of us, there aren’t a whole lot of storage options when it comes to our motorcycles. If you have anything other than a Touring bike you know it can even be tougher finding some place to even store your tools. K and G Cycles is here to offer you a remedy for the age old battle – Fork Bags.

   Fork Bags Tool-bag-Iconare not meant to give you enough room to pack for the weekend (unless you are headed out to one of those clothing optional places), they can however give you plenty of room for roadside essentials. No body ever wants to break down on the side of the road, but with a Fork Bag, you can take along enough mechanical back up to help you get to a safe location. Fork Bags also give you a place to keep other non-essential items that you want close by. This could include a garage door opener, beverage for later, cleaning towel, even gloves, among other things. As you have probably guessed Fork Bags come in a couple of different sizes as well as different styles that include plain, studded, fringed, logo embossed and more. They also have a couple of different closure types – Strap and Buckle, Zippered pouch with a Velcro Cover or even Twist lock knobs. The style and size you select will be dependent on the bike you ride because not all for diameters and widths are the same.

   Fork Bags deliver yet another option for toting around important items that don’t need to be accessed all the time. They also come in many designs and finishes to compliment the looks of any bike. Let the pros at K and G Cycles hook you up with good looking extra storage that will help you keep you organized and prepared.