Add Storage and Style At Once

We talk to a lot of people during the rallies we attend and will relay our notes and experiences to the manufacturer’s so they can address your concerns, wants and needs. With so many of us here at K and G Cycles fellow members of the Biker Community, we encounter the same struggles as you and that is why we search hard for the parts and accessories you demand. One common thread between every motorcycle rider out there is the quest to find more storage on the bike. Not necessarily for the big stuff, more often for the small items we need to have at the ready. Sometimes we’d even like to be able to take those items with us for security reasons.

BBP-H50-109BK_2_Deluxe Fairing Pouch    Hopnel is one of the companies we are in constant contact with and one of the constant concerns voiced across the community is “more choices for storage!” That’s what customers are seeking so Hopnel is proud to introduce their latest Gold Wing Accessory – The Deluxe Fairing Pocket. These brand new pouches utilize a new double layer design to achieve a very stylish look. These new pockets measure a whopping 4 ½” x 6” x 2”, and incorporate an internal mesh pocket that allows additional secure storage. Designed to mount on the left fairing pocket door of Hondas GL1800 Gold Wing using either Hopnel’s conventional hook and loop strap system or the slick Buddy Lock System. The Buddy Lock attaches a permanent Buddy Lock Clip to the fairing door allowing the pouch to be removed with a twist and either stored or transferred to your belt with the included H50-01BLT Buddy Lock Belt Holder. Alternatively, the Buddy Lock Clip Mount could be used universally to mount on any flat surface. How’s that for versatility?

   When it comes to developing functional accessories Hopnel is a brand that listens to customer feedback and responds. K and G Cycles is proud to have partnered with Hopnel so we can bring you innovative products designed to make your travels more rewarding. Take a look at this and all the other Hopnel products available here.