Add storage, Gain Protection

Have you ever wanted an easy way to add storage, gain protection,  basically have a secure way to carry more gear when you hit the open road on your touring bike? Ridetek has stepped up to the plate with a good looking solution with their  “Lidhauler” and “Lidsak” line of products, available at K and G Cycles ( “Lidhauler” is a saddlebag lid cover that is  made from durable black, leather-look vinyl that is weather resistant and has a padded underside to protect the painted surface of your bike. These good looking covers have (2) 1 ½” wide nylon straps with “D” rings sewn into the covers that allow you to attach the accessory “Lidsaks” or other pieces of soft luggage securely to them.

The coordinating “Lidsak” expandable compression bags are made of waterproof nylon ensuring your gear will stay dry. Each bag has 2 compression straps, a  drawstring closure with a cord lock, and convenient carrying handle built-in. Each bag is a roomy 20”x9” allowing you to carry everything you need, from a jacket, rain gear, a sleeping bag, or even one of our “Bushwakka Swag Lite-Rider” . When you aren’t on the road with the “Lidsak” packed, the “Lidhauler” stays on and protects the saddlebag lid from boot scratches and the harmful rays of the sun. So if you are looking to add storage and gain protection on your next road trip why not let K and G Cycles ( get you the gear you need at a price you’re sure to like.