Adding a safe spot for that Refreshing Beverage just got easier!

   We all love to add an accessory or two to our ride and give it our own personal touch. We also like to avoid dehydration. Well now there is an accessory that gives you the ability to do both. The Saddlebag Guard Beverage Holder available at K and G Cycles (, will let you quench your thirst and add a good looking piece to your ride.

sdlbg grd drink holder  BBP-HD90-105BK   So often as we ride along the back roads with the sun shining and a mild breeze blowing, we find ourselves wanting to stop and enjoy the scenery. We also find ourselves desiring a cool refreshing beverage. Sure we can take along a cold bottle of water, but if we pack it in out jacket, or toss it in the saddlebag it won’t stay cool. That is why you need this beverage holder accessory. In addition to being insulated and keeping drinks cool, it is a stylish accessory you’re sure to love. There is nothing more depressing than having your heart set on a cool beverage, only to find it has warmed to the room temp or more. By employing a hook and loop attaching fastener which makes the holder adjustable and secure, slippage is virtually non existent. Best of all this accessory fits most Harley-Davidson Touring Models easily mounting on the left saddlebag guard rail. Wanting to give you the best value, the beverage bottle is included. And just like the motorcycles they are designed for, it is Made in U.S.A.

So you see, there is no reason you shouldn’t to have access to a cool beverage while you out and about. Shop K and G Cycles ( for this and other purpose driven accessories that are sure to please. We are just a call or click away.