Adding ABS Brakes doesn’t have to cost an Arm and a Leg!


TCB10125Have you ever wanted ABS brakes on your bike, but bought it used or the factory didn’t offer it when the bike came out? Now you can add a Traction Control Braking (TCB) system to your metric bike, giving you the shure – footed-ness of an Anti-lock breaking system without a costly retro-fit. K and G Cycles ( has them ready to ship to your door so a safer ride is just a click away. Check out the video to see how it works.
Traction Control Braking System does exactly what it says:
*TRACTION: The tire to ground traction is referred to as coefficients of friction, the TCB System helps increase the amount of wheel slip during aggressive braking maneuvers by using different amounts of traction.
*CONTROL: During aggressive braking maneuvers or “panic stops”, the area of the tire that is actually on the ground is less than the size of a postcard on most tires. This small area or contact patch is where you are getting your traction. The TCB allows the to rotate during these aggressive maneuvers and the driver experiences more control of the vehicle because more of the tires surface is utilized. Without any form of ABS or TCB System, the wheel is more likely to lock up, resulting with the bike skidding out of control.
*BRAKING: Electronic forms of ABS braking only work at certain minimum speeds by quickly locking and releasing your brakes, but it needs to be noted that ABS still locks your wheels. When your wheels lock at high speeds or on less than desirable road conditions(wet roads, gravel, etc…) this can lead to loss of control. The TCB unit on the other hand works every time you brake and at any speed to help avoid the wheels from locking. Once installed, the TCB becomes an integral part of the brake system it has been applied to.

The TCB Brake System installs in minutes by replacing the banjo-bolt on the Brake Caliper or master Cylinder. Unlike any other safety product, it works automatically, every time you brake, and at any speed. It works like a “shock absorber” inside the Brake system to help prevent the wheels from locking-up. Wheel lock-up during  emergency or “panic” stops can send your vehicle out of control!

TCB SYSTEM – acts like a shock absorber to allow the brake pads to float and/or drag over the rotors natural high and low spots (we are not talking about warped rotors ).
TCB SYSTEM – automatically increases Rider’s ability to brake in a shorter distance in both regular and panic stops (by as much as 20% in a panic stop at speeds from 35 mph to 55 mph).
TCB SYSTEM – helps modulate your brake system, helps to avoid premature brake lock-up and improves brake control conditions in most cases.
TCB SYSTEM –  unlike electronic ABS the TCB System helps prevent lock-up before it happens.
TCB SYSTEM – gives you a feeling of more range in your brake levers so you can brake hard with confidence.
TCB SYSTEM – has a maximum affect, when installed on both the front and rear brakes by replacing the “Banjo Bolt”.
TCB SYSTEM – specifically designed for motorcycles and ATV’s without anti-lock brake systems (ABS).
TCB SYSTEM- doesn’t allow air into your braking system.

TCB Brake System works on motorcycles and ATV’s when an ABS system is not offered from the factory. This costs a fraction of a retro-fit kit if one is available.TCB Systems are so confident in their product, it even comes with a  “Lifetime Warranty”. Stop by K and G Cycles ( and discover the difference with TCB Systems.

*NOTE: In all cases check the manufacturer’s specifications before installation to ensure proper fit.*