Adding an Alarm gives you Additional Security and Peace of Mind

With Rally Season in full swing, we need to make sure our rides are as safe as they can be. Many thieves take these opportunities to prey on the hundreds if not thousands of unattended motorcycles, many of them without a stitch of security.  If you want to give your bike away, that is fine, it’s your money, but for those wanting to be as protected as possible, K and G Cycles (www, has a great alarm system within your budget.

Gorilla-MC-Alarm-TR-589998 The Gorilla Cycle Alarm 8007 is a a state of the art, full feature alarm designed specifically for motorcycles. What you get when purchasing this technologically advanced unit is a Motion Tilt Sensor that activates the alarm when your motorcycle is moved off it’s side stand. There is also a Current Drain Sensor stopping attempts to “Hot Wire” the bike, activating the alarm when there is a current drop in the motorcycle’s electrical system. In addition a shock sensor is also utilized to detect any impact to the motorcycle. If any is detected it will set off the alarm. You also have the ability to set the sensitivity to any one of seven different settings. There is also an L.E.D. Warning Light that provides a visual deterrent against would be thieves.

Some of “Built-ins” include:
* Powerful 120dB Piezo 5-TONE siren – That’s louder than some rock concerts.
* Simple installation takes less than 20 minutes – WOW, who knew adding a security system and piece of mind would take such little time.
* 2-way paging system compatibility – Did someone say just how versatile this system was?
* Accepts up to 3 transmitters – A great idea if rider and passenger go separate ways.
* Small, lightweight 3-button remote transmitter enables you to arm, disarm and set all of the alarm features such as shock sensor and siren modes – A very user friendly model designed with you in mind.
* Alarm body and wire connections are 100% waterproof – Built to withstand Mother Nature as well as Thieves.
* Ultra-compact size fits virtually all makes and models – Small footprint means it can be mounted on almost any bike anywhere.
* 2-year manufacturer’s defects and workmanship warranty – Most of the competitors only warranty theirs for 90 Days or a year.

There is nothing more gut wrenching than coming back to where you parked the bike, and there is nothing there. Let K and G Cycles (www, help you hold onto your baby, your ride, your investment, Thor, whatever call it, with the installation of a Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm. Easy to install, easy on the pocket book, but not so easy for thieves to disable.