Adding Chrome is as Important as Breathing

   Adding personal touches to our motorcycles has spawned a multi-billion dollar industry and it gets tougher and tougher to select unique accessories for our rides. Now you may think because we are in the Parts and Accessories Business we have it easy and get free samples and reduced pricing, that just isn’t true. If anything, we have it worse because we see items prior to the public which leads to us wanting more of the new parts.  Everyone at K and G Cycles is a motorcycle enthusiast and we love to make our bikes an extension of ourselves too. That is why we carry the the most unique accessories for your motorcycles and ours.

 Part # BBP-82-219 is a good looking turn signal grille. This richly chromed accent was designed to add a distinct look to the front or rear of most BBP-Stop-light-t-signal-dre  Suzuki’s. These attractive turn signal grilles require no special tools or hardware to mount, all you have to do is unscrew your factory covers, slip the grilles over the lenses and reinstall. That’s it. Customizing your bike doesn’t get much easier. You’ve transformed the turn signals and noticed the tail light is lacking something. Well lucky for you, a matching tail lamp grille is available. Manufactured in the same great retro design as the turn signal grilles, it is slathered in that same show quality chrome anyone would be proud to have on their bike. Keeping the focus on ease of installation, Part # BBP-82-220 mounts in the same simple manner as the complimentary turn signal grilles. Isn’t it great when the manufacturer sees the need for simplified installation of their products? I think the project managers must be riders.

   Sometimes there is a need to install accessories that identify our motorcycles and attach them to us. Other times we do it just because we can and want to. Whatever your reason, K and G Cycles has the right stuff for you. Since turn signals and brake lights are hopefully one of the first things people notice, why not start your customization there.