Adding Cool LED Accent Lighting to your Bike

   We all try hard to make our bike stand apart from the next by adding all sorts of accessories. With as many Aftermarket Manufacturers as there are, you would think it it would be a pretty easy task, think again. That is why I am going to address Show Lighting Kits and L.E.D. Strip Lighting from K and G Cycles ( and the difference it can make to your bike.

   Let’s begin by exploled podsring the world of Cluster or Pod lighting. These systems usually contain 4-6 lighting modules that can often be found in Chrome or Black housings. For those seeking more accent lighting, many kits have expansion capabilities. They will also come in a standard array of colors: Blue, Purple, Orange/Amber, Green, Red, Yellow, and White. Most pod sets are self adhesive and will come with some type of control unit that can control intensity, strobe, and fade functions. The most popular places to mount the modules are under the tank, rear fender, oil tank/battery box area, and front fender. When additional pods are available, it seems a very popular place in the bottom side of the frame. Due to the fact most of these lighting pods are L.E.D. lights, that means there is minimal electrical draw so the system is not taxed very much.

   Now we will take a looled stripsk at L.E.D. strip lighting. This style of lighting is just that – strips of L.E.D. lights that can follow virtually any curve and can be trimmed to the desired length. Since most kits feature both single and multi-strip configurations, there is no doubt a kit for you. Color options are almost identical between the 2 styles so no matter what color your bike is, there will be a sweet color combination to customize the look. Also because the color palette is similar, type of lighting isn’t more popular than the other. The appeal of the strip lighting is it has a lower profile so the light strips aren’t as intrusive. Again with the strips being L.E.D. lights, they will draw a very small amount of power from your electrical system.

   Adding L.E.D. Accent lighting is one sure fire way to make your bike stand out in the crowd. Contact K and G Cycles ( today and start building your custom light show for your bike. Be Bold, Be different!