Adding Foot Pegs with Style

So often when we purchase a bike, it rarely has the foot pegs on it that provides us with comfort, or we simply don’t like what the previous owner installed. The good news is changing them out is a relatively simple process. Here at K and G Cycles ( we have one of the largest selections of foot pegs for you to choose from.

Foot Peg BBP-21-529Q  First we will take a look at the Billet or Forged style of foot pegs. Commonly seen as the chromed out “theme” version of pegs, they can have either A) milling done to them to create a non-skid surface with some sort of design. or B) Rubber inserts that are often some sort of design such as Flames, Diamonds, Tear Drops, or Dot Sliders, or one of many other inserts that create a non-slip surface on the polished or chromed surface. As with any accessory install, personal preference will dictate the design that is chosen. As a side note most pegs do not come with the mounts for good reason, it allows you to select a mount that will compliment your  height/inseam.

Iso pegs BBP-21-421S  The other type of foot pegs is the rubber insert or rubber band style. Often referred to as an isolator type or “Iso” by one manufacturer, the theory behind this with the thicker, pliable rubber insert, a large amount of the vibration transfer is gobbled up. The result is less transfer to your body and far less fatigue on your ride. With the isolator type pegs you do not get to pick a fancy design, it is what it is. Function over form is what you get. The trade off is the reduced buzz and constant vibration your feet endure as well as what travels up your legs without even knowing it. If their effectiveness can be judged by the amount of Isolator style grips on bikes today, you just might see them on most bike in the near future.

Whether you are wanting to increase your comfort or make a statement, one of the easiest ways to accomplish that is by changing the foot pegs. Yours, the passengers, highway pegs, this is one step you can take in the total customization of your bike that won’t break the bank. Let K and G Cycles ( be your guide and help you realize your dreams.