Adding Heat to your Motorcycle just got Easier

Stop me if you’ve heard this before – You look out the window, it’s clear and sunny and that combination is great for a motorcycle ride. However it seems the thermostat outside is broken. You have been itching to go for a ride but temps aren’t very rider friendly. You get geared up and decide you are going to ride today. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be, but you wish you could shake that chill. – Been there? We all have, and that is why today, I am going to introduce you to a couple of items from K and G Cycles ( that make even the coldest ride far more enjoyable.

Adding warmth and comPro Pad heated seat pad TR-048901fort to your ride is actually very simple. Premium seat pad manufacturer Pro Pad introduced a line of electrified (heated) seat pads that simplify the process of adding a heated seat to your bike. Installation is nothing more that pulling the pad out of the box, securing it to the motorcycle, and plugging it in. Now you have the added comfort of a gel pad, plus a heated seat just like your car does. A simple waterproof On/Off switch is as complicated as this set up gets. Take a look at some of the features and specs of this amazing seat pad.

  • Designed to work with Softails, Fatboys, HD Badlander, Dynas, HD customs,  and Sportsters – Works with almost any bike you have,
  • Works great for large passenger touring seats – Icrease comfort beyond what you are use to.
  • In many cases, the side of the pad will overlap the edges slightly increasing the width of seat – increasing passenger passenger comfort.
  • Using “smart” heating technology this motorcycle seat pad integrates a heating element into a gel pad – all in one unit makes life easier
  • This technology senses hot spots and redirects heat to a cooler area preventing heat build-up for a more evenly heated seat pad
  • Quickly heats to 110 degrees in about 10 minutes (similar to heated car seats) – 110 when it’s a mere 20 degrees sounds great to me!
  • Each pad features a simple waterproof on/off switch and two disconnects – durability to withstand the elements
  • Heavy duty fused wire harness with locking barrel plugs – secure connection means there is less of a chance for accidental disconnection.
  • 18 month MFG replacement warranty – this speaks for itself and gives you buying confidence.

*Starting at $129.99, these pads do an awful lot of work for the price*

Next in the comforHeat demons warmer TR-179604t accessories showcase is the Heat Demon Seat Warmer. This one requires a little more when it comes to the installation part. These warmers install under the seat fabric so once they are there, that is it. That is not a bad thing because it eliminates the urge for some dirt bag to try and steal them. Our own Operations Manager installed a set on his 2008 H-D Ultra, and documented the installation process. Check it out HERE. According to Heat Demons, a recent upgrade produces a 25% increase in operating temps, as well as reduced warm up time. Heat Demon Motorcycle Seat Heaters offer an innovative warm seat experience for the riders who just refuse to quit. The universal carbon fiber seat heaters install easily on any bike, providing comfort and warmth for the riders.

  • Increases riding safety and comfort
  • Ultra thin and flexible
  • Fast warm-up
  • Easy to install

So you have to ask yourself, when the temperature drops, are you going to go home, or will you keep riding? If you put a little heat in your seat and you can enjoy the riding season long after most other riders have called it quits.

Now that we hHeated grips TR-179518 ave given you the resources to roast your buns, we are going to turn our attention to keeping our hands warm. There are 2 available methods when it comes to heating your grips and we will look at both. First I want to examine Heated Motorcycle Grips. How great would it be to simply flip a switch and have your hands warmed up to a level that is almost soothing? That is possible when you install a set of heated grips. On the difficulty scale, I would say they fall in the grey area of “somewhat difficult” to “you should consider having a shop install them for you”. Heated grips generally consist of the grips and either a simple Off/On or Off/Low/Hi Switch or a Dial Setting or Rheostat. Dial Settings let you customize your temps more than an an 2 or 3 position switch. The beauty of the 2/3 position switch is you set it and forget it. There is no need to constantly adjust your dial to find that perfect temp. I had heated grips on my previous motorcycle and it was the Off/Lo/Hi type switch and I was very pleased with the preset. As a matter of fact, Hi was only utilized if I were riding in the frigid winter temps of the Midwest.  The best part about installing heated grips is it is one unit per side.

For those of yogrip warmers TR-179535u that really like your present grips, you have the option of installing Grip Warmers. This installation is a little more involved because you will want to be very careful removing your grips so you can install the warmers underneath. This set up works just like the heated grips except you are working with the heating elements only. They install between the grip and handlebars and will warm your heart just like a puppy. There are a few companies making this style and the most noticeable difference is the power switch. Just like the grips, there are simple 2/3 way switches and then there are multi-level switches. Again, do you want to seek out the sweet spot or get close?

Installing heated accessories on your motorcycle can make the ride more enjoyable and even give you more of a riding season. Check out these and more heated accessories available at K and G Cycles ( Use them just once and you will wonder how you did without them.

*As with any electrical upgrade or accessory install you will want to make sure your battery is strong enough to handle the new demands. Also you will want to make sure all the connections are clean and secure. If you need a new battery, we can recommend one based on your electrical systems needs. Check out our outta sight pricing on Batteries. We even carry cuttng edge Lithium Iron Phosphate earthX Batteries, complete with a full 2-year warranty.