Adding Martini’s to your Gold Wing won’t get you in trouble.

Staring at the empty box of Martini’s sitting in front of me, I could only utter one thing, “You complete me!” That is the look of the Gold Wing we just finished installing the latest round of Martini Lights on. We all know part of owning a Wing is adding auxiliary lighting that not only enables us to be seen more, but also ends up putting a smile on many of people was pass in our travels. K and G Cycles ( proudly offers you the new products in Martini’s Line up, allowing you to complete the look on the front and rear of your ride.

BBP-Martini-Lts-3  You will see in the picture on the left, 3 of the 4 auxiliary lights we installed on the GW. In the picture we numbered them so you can see the corresponding part number and placement on the motorcycle.

1)  Part # BBP-52-738 is Martini’s Air Intake Grilles. These grilles incorporate six amber LED’s on each side, to give a beautiful chrome, lighted accent to the front of the Honda GL1800. Adding safety through visibility has always been the focus for Martini Lights and these are no different. Having the capacity to function as running and turn signal lights is what makes Martini’s Lighted Air Intake Grilles unique. Form, function, and fun is what you get when you install these lights. Best of all, they come with everything you need for a trouble free installation.

2) Part # BBP-52-770 reveals the Chrome Fairing Accents. Martini’s Engineers have hit it out of the park with these. Utilizing a whopping 43 Amber L.E.D. lights per side, the fairing accent trim will shine through even the darkest night. As with most of the auxiliary lighting accessories from Martini, these too can be wired to serve as running lights as well as turn signals. We have also found the rich layer of chrome on these fairing accent pieces reflects the lighting for an even brighter display of light.


3) Part # BBP-52-728 (2001-05) and BBP-52-753 (2006-10) are Opera Lights for your cylinder heads. Easy installation is a part of Martini’s allure and these Opera Lights don’t disappoint. Simple peel and stick double sided tape is what attaches them to your bike. Another great feature is they merely plug into a harness that already exists (so no unsightly splicing is required). Let us not forget the standard feature of dual purpose lighting as the Opera Lights can be used as added turn signals and running lights.

(Not Shown) Part #  BBP-52-737 – Is the last of the newest in Martini’s growing catalog of auxiliary accent lighting pieces. Clad in chrome so deep you can see yesterday, this front fender accent piece has 8 brilliant Amber L.E.D. lights that adorn each side of the fender tip. Though mounting the piece is a breeze, if you want to employ the lights, you will need to drill through the fender.

This is just a small sampling of Martini’s collection of Chrome wrapped L.E.D. Accent/Auxiliary lighting available from K and G Cycles ( Many of the accent lights from Martini serve 2 purposes – Running Lights and Turn Signals. Log on today to see the whole collection of Martini’s Lights and start building your rolling light show.