Adding More Comfort so You can enjoy the Rest of the Ride

   We all know the Ultimate in Motorcycle Touring in many eyes is the Honda Gold Wing and even though the factory churns out a very fine example there are a few ways to increase both rider and passenger comfort for the long haul. K and G Cycles ( is your complete Online Gold Wing Accessory Store, and we have what you need to finish off your Wing. By adding a Driver Backrest and Passenger Armrests the hours spent in the saddle will be a whole new experience.

  • gw-rider-backrest-bbp-2-377 (1)Driver Backrest Pad Set (P# –BBP-2-377 for 1988-2000) (P#BBP-52-637 for 2001-10 +12) This high quality color matched backrest pad gives you great back support allowing you to cover the miles with greater comfort. Forcing you to keep a better posture, the Driver Backrest Pad is something you will wonder how you lived without. Innovative design allows your passenger easy access to the rear seat, by simply tilting forward out of the way. Included is a storage bag that is detachable and designed to get rid of those pesky wind related “flop ups”. The thick padded tube covers give you a clean custom fit making it look like it is supposed to be there. To give you a truly custom fit, the backrest can be easily be adjusted forward or back while you are seated on your Wing, ensuring you endless comfort.
  • (2)Passenger Armrests P# BBP-2-477 – Made from the same high grade materials to compliment the Driver Backrest, these passenger armrests give your co-pilot the relaxing comfort they deserve while the miles drift by. Installation is a breeze, as these armrests bolt to the antenna mounts on each side of your motorcycle. (Part#BBP-2-470 is required when motorcycle is not equipped with a C.B Radio.) Designed with a  swing away feature this allows the passenger better access to the rear seat when getting on and off the motorcycle, these armrests provide unmatched comfort for the long haul.

Touring the country should be done with as much comfort as possible, and when you add a Drivers Backrest and Passenger Armrest Kit from K and G Cycles ( you will see those miles add up quickly. Get yours today.