Adding Protection, Comfort and Style – Engine Guards

What is one accessory many people add to their motorcycles that offers protection as well as an increase in comfort too? A Highway Bar. The addition of a highway bar can bring you many benefits making it one of the best investments you can make for your bike. K and G Cycles ( can help you select the right one for your application and have you installing it in no time.

   Unlike their counterparts from Milwaukee, Metric Highway Bars are often brand and model specific. None the less, they still deliver good looks, form, and function. Lets take a look at just what the do offer.

yam eng guard BBP-63-603    Good Looks  – Just about every Highway Bar available today comes in a beautiful chrome finish. Since most of us enjoy adding pieces of chrome to our bikes this is always a good option. However there are those individuals that are looking to de-chrome and Black out their bike. Black versions of accessories are becoming more and more available each day. Regardless of your color choice, a Highway Bar is a good looking accessory that can be added to almost any bike to add to it’s image.

Kaw eng gd BBP-71-318   Function – You ask how a Highway Bar functions, well it does so in different ways. Offering a modest amount of protection, Highway Bars (often called Crash Bars) can keep a large portion of the painted parts off the ground in the event the motorcycle goes over. Extending outward from the front of the frame and usually past the point of other parts of the motorcycle, these bars/guards usually prevent contact between the bike and the ground. It’s almost like you are buying an insurance policy when you purchase one.

hwy pegs BBP-21-334   Function – Another great benefit of a Highway Bar installation is you get to add Highway Pegs to your bike. As we all know, Highway Pegs give you an additional resting place for your feet. The ability to stretch out or even change the position of your legs during a long trip can mean the difference of comfort or cramping. Nobody wants to be uncomfortable on their commute to work or on their vacation down the Blue Ridge.

pak-a-derms-BBP-H50-505BK     Bonus – Adding Highway bars can actually give you more riding days per year. “How?” you ask? Well once you have your new Highway bar installed, you can now mount a pair of Pac-A-Derms or Desert Dawgs (commonly known as soft lower fairings). The main purpose of soft lowers is to keep the cold and rain off your feet. How many times have you been out for that Spring or Fall ride and the temps suddenly drop or a shower pops up? That can ruin the day.  Now imagine if you had that Highway Bar installed giving you the opportunity to install a set of soft lowers to keep your feet and lower legs warm and dry.

   The addition of Highway Bars to your motorcycle can offer many benefits aimed at making your time on the road more enjoyable. K and G Cycles ( has Highway Bars to fit a wide range of bikes so your chance to enhance your comfort and protection is right in front of you. Contact us today before the new season is underway.