Adding Storage to your bike is easy with Saddlebags and Stand Offs

So you bought that new ride and it didn’t come with any travel storage. What do you do? You head over to the K and G Cycles website – – and you start looking at the huge selection of Saddlebags available. After you have chosen the style and color you like, you select the proper stand offs for your bike. After you have added them into your virtual shopping cart, you proceed to the check out, input all the pertinent information and wait for your package to arrive.

It is a little more coBlack saddlebags with external storage UNIK 9327_zp  mplicated but what I really wanted to stress is there is a solution for your lack of storage on your new ride. Here at K and G we understand that not all bikes come with saddlebags, but it would be nice to have the option of installing them. In most instances if you are shopping for saddlebags for either a Sportster, Dyna, or Softtail, what you will find mainly is bags of the throw over variety. This style of saddlebag can literally be placed over the rear fender or seat and you instantly have storage. This allows for the most versatile scenario because you can have luggage or not in a matter of minutes, often with no trace of them being on board. Brown, Black, Leather, Synthetic, Studded, Fringed, or plain is how you can have the saddlebags, so finding a set to match your bike should be simple.

 There is onuniversal stand offs CC-7331221  e concern to keep in mind as you look at the saddlebags we have to offer. Depending on how rigid the bags are and how long and often you plan on running them on your bike, you may consider purchasing Stand Offs. The biggest benefit of installing them is they offer support to the backside of the saddlebags and keep them from becoming tangled with the rear wheel/brakes/and drive area, and keep them from rubbing the paint. Stand offs are available in your standard Chrome, and custom Black. Depending on your bike, the paint, and level of customization on your bike you may want to choose a pair that compliments your style.

┬áJust because you don’t own a Touring Class bike, doesn’t mean you have to give up storage capacity. K and G Cycles (www, has a great selection of saddlebags and stand offs for non-touring bikes. Select your style, and select your color and you are ready for the road. Contact us today for all your motorcycle needs.