Air Force Blaster! Quick Dry your Bike!

You’ve been thinking about one these sweet Air Blasters for your special Saturday driveway hand-washes, and you’ve been a good-girl or boy all year long right?!? Well, treat yourself to a solide quality product that you’re bound to use for years to come. We love these at K and G Cycles. We know you will too!

Air Force Blaster Side Kick Produces 18,000 Fpm of dry Filtered Air.

The Air Force Blaster has been so successful, that the manufacturer has now come out with a smaller, more compact version called the Side Kick. It produces 18,000 FPM of air, and will dry your bike off in minutes. Like its big brother, it features all steel construction, weighs only 3 lbs., and is made in the USA.

Our price: $99.99
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Market price: $109.99