American Chopper the Build-Off Bikes

Well Gang! The Bikes have been unveiled. The American Chopper Biker Build-Off has it’s three entries posted and up for voting Today! Make sure and let your opinion be known. Click here for the voting page.

No matter what bike you like best, what do you think of the overall efforts? If the title of World’s Best Custom Bike Builder is going to be based on these examples, how well do think the title fits? I was surprised at the results of the bikes. I have my own opinions, and let’s get a little discussion going to hear yours too!

Jesse James

Paul Jr. Designs

Paul Sr. – Orange County Choppers


There are lots of short clips of video available on Discovery’s website. If you can stand tons of commercials for little quick clips of these bikes and some of the construction process too, then you can find them all here.