And the Win goes to Victory Owners

   We all know Victory is a strong competitor in the motorcycle industry. Some might even say they are giving the folks in Milwaukee a run for their money. Though this may be true, it seems the aftermarket may not be giving them the attention they deserve. Well, your friends at K and G Cycles ( have started looking for parts and accessories for various Victory models.

victory iso grips    No matter what you ride, the addition of ISO-grips from Kuryakyn make a tremendous difference in comfort. Wrapped in soft ISO rubber these grips provide a sure, cushioned feel for long haul comfort. In case you haven’t figured out, the “ISO” portion of the name is short for Isolator or Isolating. ISO grips are designed to reduce the vibrations sent up from the road, through the tires and up to the handlebars — eliminating the sensation of tired hands when riding for long periods of time. Available for ISO-Grips is a Throttle boss/palm rest that virtually eliminate had cramps, especially on the throttle side. To suit your style, these grips are available in Chrome with Black pads, or Black with Black pads.

victory cycleshade   Up next is an instant shade/cover – Cycle Shade. This handy little number is a half cover or day cover whose original purpose was to reduce seat temperatures, and keep the bike free of dust, dirt, bird aach, tree sap, and other harmful droppings. The happy coincidence is the water repellant material can keep your seat dry too. Designed to install and be removed in under a minute, Cycle Shade is a fast, easy, convenient shelter for your bike. When installed, the tunnel created offers hidden storage for a jacket or 2 and helmets, or other gear you might want to keep out of sight. Packing away into the attached pouch, which is not much bigger than a sandwich bag, the cover takes up very little room on your Victory.

brukus--saddlebag-secure   When it comes to securing your saddlebags and the contents stored inside, there is one name to trust to get the job done, Brukus Motorcycle Parts. A product available from Brukus is Saddlebag Secure. This product removes the weak link in the saddlebag attaching points and replaces them with a security screw and retainer. Should a thief be looking to steel your bags, they are in for a rude a wakening. With the recent spike in saddlebag thefts, Brukus is one company that is taking a stand against thieves and their desire to take from you. No matter if you have soft bags or hard bags they’ve got the right stuff. Let’s face it, you never know what you are going to have in your saddlebags, and because of that, you don’t want thieves to get a hold of that cargo either. Brukus has thwarted numerous attempted thefts and saved their customers a ton of aggravation and deductible dollars. I have them on my motorcycle and besides being secure, they remove a lot of vibration from the bags. Brukus installs in no time and will keep your Victory safe.

   For the owners of Victory Motorcycles, it seems everyday holds new treasures in the Aftermarket Accessory market place. K and G Cycles ( carries select parts for your Victory for personalization, comfortization, and protection.  Contact us today for all your needs.