Another great piece from Leader – The eCaddy Belt Clip

   We often get Press Releases from our suppliers when they release a new product and we like to pass them on so you can keep up with the emerging trends. Leader Motorcycle just sent us a Press Release on a new product they have that will bring an overwhelming amount of convenience to your ride. The eCaddy Belt Clip Mount allows you to secure any electronic device that uses a belt clip or loop. Don’t take my word for it, read all about it directly Leader.

For Immediate Release: April 2014

   When it coBAP-Chmes to Rider convenience we try to keep you on top of all that is available. Leader Motorcycle recently released a new product that takes

   Virtually ANY item that has a belt clip (or a belt loop) can be mounted with the eCaddy Belt Clip Mount!

   Do you need somewhere to put your:

  • Phone when it’s IN its case?
  • Garage door opener?
  • Snuff box?
  • Lighter case?
  • Tool kit?
  • Sunglasses case?
  • Camera?

   Simply clip it on, snap it in, and choose from six different angles! If your case has a swivel belt clip, turn it whatever angle you desire. Perfect for phone cases (such as Otterbox Defender case or Lifeproof case) or pouches with a belt clip. Stainless Steel Eagle snaps give this mount a classy look even when not in use.

How to Mount

   This kit mounts to all Harley-Davidson handlebar controls (screw spacing 1.5″). Fits both left and right side controls! See Fitment Tab for details.


  • Mounting bracket (black) with UltraSecure and Get the Vibe Out features
  • eCaddy Deluxe Holding Plate (black)
  • eCaddy Belt Clip Plate (black) with Leather Sash and Stainless Steel EAGLE snaps

   K and G Cycles ( is your one stop shop for all your electronics mounts from Leader Motorcycle. Contact us today and see what you’ve been missing.