Another Victory – The Hard-Ball


Like a two-wheeled stalker of the night, the Victory Hard-Ball owns the streets. It stretches out beneath you as you take command of the ape hangers and unleash massive Victory power.

Is it a Cruiser? Is it a Tourer?

You can’t label it. This bike refuses to conform. It makes its owns space. It’s a bad ass touring bike. It’s a bad ass cruiser. It’s whatever the #$*@!!% you want it to be. Everybody’s got baggage. The Victory Hard-Ball gives you a place to throw it and hit the road.

Color? Black. End to end. We added red pinstripes so you can find your bike in the dark of night.

Its long, low platform can carve corners and deliver long-riding comfort.

The Victory Freedom 106/6 serves up torque to shove everyday traffic into your mirrors and cruise from point A to B or wherever the you want to go.

The height-adjustable ape hangers serve up Victory Hard-Ball style and offer a fists-up salute to its little brother, the Victory High-Ball.

The new Victory Hard-Ball. Born on the wrong side of the tracks!