April starts the new season and it’s Time to Check your Helmet

When is the last time you inspected the condition of your helmet?  If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long.  April is “Check Your Helmet Month”.  For riders and passengers who want the best protection while they ride, this is a great time to evaluate their helmets. A helmet can appear to be shiny and new, but if it’s 3-5 years old (or older) or has suffered even a single impact, it’s ready for retirement.

If you want to perform the inspection yourself, here are some helpful Helmet Industry guidelines to help you along the way.

  • HLD2002Helmet manufacturers recommend replacing your helmet every 3 to 5 years, depending on use, to ensure optimal helmet performance.
  • Over time, UV rays, internal adhesive and component aging can deteriorate a helmet’s protective qualities.
  • Exposure to gasoline, insect repellent, cleaning fluids, exhaust fumes and excessive heat can degrade helmet materials.
  • If a helmet has been dropped or suffered an impact, it should be replaced immediately.
  • A helmet is designed for only one impact, even a small one. An impact may fracture its outer shell as well as compress the inner liner, neither of which may be visible.

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  • skullcapcarbon_8Lightweight Fiberglass/Aramid/Carbon Fiber materials
  • Poly Carbonate Shell
  • Moisture Wicking and Anti-microbial inner linings
  • Removable and Washable pads
  • Improved ventilation systems
  • Integrated tinted sun shields that reduce UV rays up to 95%
  • One touch easy operation to deploy or retract sun shield

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