ATV Accessories – Front to Back and Inbetween

   After many long hours of manually loading the catalog, K and G Cycles ( is excited to announce the expansion of its ATV Department. We are pleased to offer you the top brands in the industry. Whether you need to replace broken plastic, you need new tires, or you want to upgrade your vehicle protection, we’ve got you covered. Bling Star, Rath Racing, AC Racing, DG, and DuraBlue, as well as Kenda, ITP, Carlisle, CST, Maxxis, even Cheng Shin, plus Maier. Are those big enough players?

Blingstar bumper TR-378165     When it comes to protecting you and your ATV  you want the best in the industry to keep you safe. Lets face it, nothing ruins a good day like beat up machines. With a little help from us, you can stay out there and have some fun. We carry a wide range of Bumpers, Skid Plates, Nerf Bars, and more to fortify your ride. Heavy Duty Grab Bars are a must in the Off-Road/ATV world, and we have a great selection of those on hand too. One of the best things about the products is many of the manufacturers have Factory Race Teams that use the very same pieces. This equates to constant field testing and much more punishing conditions resulting in the best quality parts delivered to your doorstep. Take the opportunity to make your ATV virtually indestructible.

bear claw TR-285099  As you know, Tires are a critical part of the ATV experience. Whether you are a Hardcore Rider, a Weekend Warrior, a Sand Dune Shredder, or you need it to get to the fields or the Tree Stand, we have a massive selection of tires to suit your needs. Surely you have heard of a few of these brands – Carlisle, Kenda, Maxxis, ITP, and Cheng Shin, but that isn’t all of them either. We carry almost any tread pattern you need to keep your ATV rollin’ and keep you from getting stuck.  Now because tires can’t be mounted on any old rim, we also have wheels available. Black, Chrome, Polished Aluminum, all designed to put your ride over the top.

Maier body TR-510005   Now when we play hard, stuff happens. Even though we have installed protective bumpers, skid plates, and more to keep our ride safe, sometimes stuff happens.  When it does, you can turn to your friends at K and G Cycles ( So you “accidentally” hit that branch and busted a fender. Have no fear! Had a whoops moment and flipped yourself? No big deal! We carry replacement body panels from the name everyone knows – Maier.  You see, if you have an accident and need to replace body parts (on your ATV not yourself) we can help you get back on the trail.

   K and G Cycles is excited to be expanding it’s ATV/UTV Department. Just because you play in the dirt doesn’t mean you need to be treated like it. Contact us today for your ATV needs and see what it means to be a name and not a number.