Beating the Sore Back Blues

You’ve heard everyone say, ” Once you ride with a backrest, you will never ride without one.” That’s great except for Can Am Spyder Owners don’t really seem to have that option. The Aftermarket Accessory World has ignored Spyder owners for quite sometime. That is until now! K and G Cycles ( has available a Rider Backrest for you! Now you can ride that Spyder over hill and dale and experience the comfort everyone else is talking about.

can am backrest BBP-41-168   There comes a time when the playing field is leveled, and that time is now. All day comfort and support is available to Can-Am riders. Part # BBP-41-168 is a Smart Mount Backrest System is now available for Can Ams due to popular demand. Stepping up and offering a 12/8″ full support pad, it is the largest available at the present time. This new pad is over 70% larger providing more support and contact area that equates to a better posture for the rider. As with all the Smart Mount Backrest systems it features a patented pad hinge and adjustable tongue. This allows the backrest pad to mount up or down vertically with 1” of adjustment, as well as a full 2″ of horizontal adjustment. Plus for all you Do It Yourself  bikers, it comes complete with easy to read installation instructions and all the required hardware. Plus, you even get the handy removable storage pouch on the backrest pad.

   When it comes to adding increased comfort to your Can Am Spyder, join the ranks and experience just what a Rider Backrest has to offer.  Let K and G Cycles ( deliver comfort to your Can Am and you will be putting more miles behind you. Call today and order your Smart Mount Backrest System, there is no better time to prepare for the  next riding season!