Better Boots, Better Ride!

One of the toughest purchases we make as motorcyclists is buying a pair of riding boots. Let’s face it, much of our decision is based on friends recommendations, and reviews we read online. K and G Cycles is in the same boat as you. We only want to offer the best and sometimes that means we have to do our homework before committing to carry those boots.

One company offering top quality boots at reasonable prices is River Road Gear. Suppliers of good looking, durable gear for motorcycle enthusiasts, brings some awesome boots to the table. One particular pair I want to show you is the Turnpike Cruiser Boot. Known for the use of premium materials as well as craftsman construction, this boot is for the serious rider. Loaded with the key features we all want in a boot, the Turnpike Cruiser delivers the goods and looks good doing it. See for yourself:

Turnpike Cruiser boot TR-098182

  • 1 3/4″ threaded heel  – designed to improve comfort while riding and walking
  • an 11″ tall upper that gives you even more support – important on the long rides or days spent at the rally
  • Oil-resistant rubber outsole and fully padded insole – combine to give you a boot that can take the punishment
  • Rich, smooth, full-grain, oiled leather uppers – simple translation = quality
  • 6″ of hook-and-loop fastener closure on shaft, for improved fit and fashion – delivers a fully adjustable custom fit
  • Double D-ring strap closures on outside of boot for custom fit – ensures proper fit even with gloves on
  • Tempered steel shank for outstanding support and wear – tough as nails for a tough as nails rider
  • Stitched and padded shin guard for comfort and protection – two words we always like to see
  • Includes 1-year manufacturer’s warranty – they must be tough if they get a warranty

We searched long and hard to find a boot worthy of your $$$, and have found it. The River Road Turnpike Cruiser, available from K and G Cycles. Start your Christmas Shopping early.