Big Bore Kits give you more Horsepower and Torque + Braggin Rights!

There comes a time in every motorcycle riders life when we yearn for more power. One sure fire way to achieve that quest is by installing a Big Bore Kit. Not only will you increase the displacement of the motor, you increase you peak horsepower and torque numbers. Ultimately this will lead to a larger smile and some braggin rights. Here at K and G Cycles ( we love high performance add ons and that is why we carry the top names in Big Bore Kits.

A Big Bore Kit is essebig bore kitntially new cylinders and pistons designed to firstly upgrade the engines displacement and secondly increase the compression, thus increasing torque/power/throttle response. In most cases for H-D motors, Big Bore Kits will take a Twin Cam 88″ model to a 95″ motor, and a 96″ motor to a 103″ power plant. For those seeking bigger numbers and not worried about more labor can opt for a Stroker kit. Keep in mind this calls for boring the engine cases and replacing the flywheel assembly. One drawback is while they do produce higher amounts of horsepower and torque, a large increase in stroke can decrease an engine’s ability to perform optimally at high rpm. Installing a Big Bore Kit is relatively simple, and when it’s all said and done, the overall power gain is well worth the time and effort. Many companies offer Big Bore Kits but we only carry the top brands.

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Big Bore Kits will increase the horsepower and torque on your ride, and give you a bigger smile than you have ever known. K and G Cycles ( has the goods you need from the names you trust. So when it comes time to install the performance upgrades, all you have to do is contact us and we can bring your dreams into reality.