Big Roadside help in a small package! Portable Tire Repair

Flat tires stink, especialltire-repair-kit packs small but is a huge aid when you need ity when you are in the middle of a great ride. About a year ago, I was on a ride with some friends, and after having a great lunch and some good laughs, we returned to the bikes to start on the next leg of the ride. After doing a pre-ride walk around (TCLOCS inspired) I noticed my rear tire was flat. The advantage of riding with seasoned pros is one guy had a tire repair kit like those available from K and G Cycles(, and another had a small compressor. Well we set to repairing the tire and after about 20 minutes or so, the job was done and we were able to get back on the road. Not being one to push my luck too hard, at our next stop I made a call to my local shop to schedule a new tire install. They did have the tire in stock, were able to get me in, and had me ready the next day.

I have figured out that if you pay attention in life and take a little direction from the ones that have “been there, done that” you can learn a lot. Had it not been for the “higher mileage” guys with us that day, I never would have discovered the priceless tools of the road. A portable tire repair kit is small enough to pack on almost any bike, is affordable enough that just about all of us should have one, and as long as you have a tubeless tire will get you back on the road to safety. We never hope to need the tools we pack for ourselves, but you never know when a friend may need assistance. In addition to a small tool wrap, I now carry a tire repair kit on my bike because you never know what lies ahead in the road. Head over to K and G Cycles (www, and take a look at the selection of tire repair kits available and pick one up before your next ride.